Taking a Hiatus

Due to some personal circumstances I've made the decision to reduce production significantly for the next few months.   I want to provide you all with quality products, made with love and also be able to mail them out in a timely fashion.  I haven't been able to do that recently, so I've decided to limit production a bit and see if that helps.  I hope you all  understand.  I look forward to getting back to full production after things settle down a bit.  

Thank you so much for your support over the last 4 years.   I never imagined that I'd own a small business doing something I love.  You allowed me to see that come to fruition, and for that I'm thankful.  

With that said, if you have a special request or any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  I am available at 2ndstreetcosmetics@gmail.com 

With love, 

Jennifer, Owner

2nd Street Cosmetics

Celebrating Women 2016

Over the past two years I've worked consciously to develop a healthy and supportive network of women in my life.  Because of those efforts, I've befriended so many amazing, beautiful, strong, empowering women in my local community. I've become closer with other fellow small business women and have begun to truly value my friendships with them. I am filled with gratitude for all they have given me, from professional wisdom to personal encouragement. 

In the beginning it was very one-sided, I'll admit.  At that time, I needed support and advice during the initial start of my business. I leaned on them for encouragement and strength. I depended on them to have the answers. Added to this new project I was investing in, I was also going through a personal transformation: grieving the loss of a very anxiety-prone relationship, overcoming personal stressors and feeling lonely in the void left from my prior relationship. It was during that time of transformation that I began to heal.  It took a lot of focus and self- awareness to get to this breakthrough.  Although it was my perseverance and determination that kept me going, I know that I wouldn't have come this far emotionally without these women. They gave me the encouragement and positive reinforcement to keep going because , although I didn't believe them at the time, they said it was going to get easier. I will be forever grateful to these women who guided me through the darkest times and continue to show their love and strength to woman everywhere.  

If you follow me on Facebook or instagram I'm sure you've noticed my strong attitude towards women empowerment.  I believe that women are beautiful creatures.  We are strong, resilient, determined and powerful, all while being nurturing, empathetic, sensitive and intuitive.  We have a life-force that can change the world, if harnessed properly.  

I encourage all women to create their own 'tribe' as I have done; a group of women that you can lean on and offer mutual support and understanding; share ideas and dreams, celebrate life with.  

Throughout the month I have celebrated Women's History Month (March) by honoring the women that have made a difference in our lives through innovation, civil rights, creativity etc.  Please feel free to follow my instagram page and this blog where you can follow not only my business, but my personal diary throughout life's journey.

Namaste. 'the divine light in me honors the divine light in you.'


How it all started...

A few years back, I had had enough of unexpected breakouts and occasional rashes.  I decided to throw away the idea of putting hard chemicals on my face that seem to appear in almost all over-the-counter facial creams like Salicylic Acid and Retinol.  These may work for some, but not for me.  I soon realized I was allergic to salicylic acid and decided to make the switch to all natural products.  After a few months I saw significant improvement.  But, the cost was astronomical.  So, I decided to start making my own creams and lotions, not thinking I'd ever start my own company.  I instantly fell in love with the art of creating something; naturally, since I spend most of my leisure time cooking anyway.  So after 2 years of research and a few failed attempts, I finally got the hang of how the oils and the infusions work...it was time for product development.  I began creating my own recipes based on ones I had learned.  Like cooking, it is easy to switch scents, butters or oils around depending on their properties.  But also like cooking, knowing what actually goes well together, takes practice.  All of the products you see here have been developed by myself after much research about skin care and medicinal properties of all ingredients.